Annual Charity Run

Delight Children's Annual Charity Run is on this New Year's Eve. Tickets out.

The Annual Children's Charity Run

DCHRI's Annual Children's Charity Run and Christmas Party is an yearly fundraising event for children to raise funds to save the lives of fellow children in need of life-saving surgery. Proceeds from the Run and Party are used exclusively to fund the surgery of children who have spent the longest time on DCHRI's waiting list. This year, Gabriel Mulindwa (3 years), and Amy Ahebwe (19 months), both needing cardiac surgery will be the beneficiaries. Both Geb and Amy were diagnosed with Tetralogy of the Fallot and they are both extremely jolly children.

Gabriel Mulindwa

Geb has been on DCHRI's waiting list for 11 months as of September 30, 2018. He was diagnosed with Tetralogy of the Fallot, a serious congenital heart condition. At nearly 3 years, Geb's surgery is long overdue.

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Amelia Ahebwa

Amy was diagnosed with TOF shortly after birth because she had a persistent cough and fussiness not seen with healthy babies. She has been on DCHRI's waiting list since her diagnosis and she needs urgent surgery.

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Charity Run Tickets

Tickets for this year's Annual Charity Run and christmas Party are on sale, and can be obtained from Shell Select Mbale, Nakumatt Oasis Mall. Tickets are also available online on Kaymu. Tickets are UGX 25,000 per child.

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For information on the Run route and schedule, please call our information desk on +256-392-176504.