List of Contributions

As one of only a few children's medical assistance initiatives, Delight Children's relies on your generosity to make life-saving care accessible to every child who needs it. And Doreen is one of them.

Giving to Doreen's Surgery

Your generosity to this appeal is what Delight Children's relies on to keep reaching out to children in need. The following individuals and organisations have graciously made contributions to helping Doreen come closer to living the normal life every child deserves. We cannot thank you enough for giving or considering to give. Gifts are tax-deductible to the extent permissible by applicable law.

List of Contributors

We make every effort to keep this list updated. Some individuals who have specifically requested not to be listed here have been omitted.

Contributions received as of 20th October, 2018

  • Doreen's Family, Uganda: $285.71 (UGX1,100,000)
  • Ronald Busingye, Uganda: $2.60 (UGX10,000)
  • Marian Akullu, Uganda: $8.83 (UGX34,000)
  • Margaret Nakawesa, Uganda: $2.08 (UGX8,000)
  • Divine Daycare Centre, Uganda: $16.36 (UGX63,000)
  • Conquerers WhatsAp Group, Uganda: $80.77 (UGX311,000)
  • Edith K. Lubwama, Uganda: $3.90 (UGX15,000)
  • Robert Semanda, Uganda: $1.30 (UGX5,000)
  • Pius Oketch, Uganda: $1.30 (UGX5,000)
  • Samuel Ddumba, Uganda: $3.12 (UGX12,000)
  • Anonymous Facebook Group, Uganda: $38.96 (UGX150,000)
  • Lilian Nanfuka, Uganda: $2.86 (UGX11,000)
  • Paul Ndugwa, Uganda: $13.51 (UGX52,000)
  • Sula Waibi, Uganda: $1.30 (UGX5,000)
  • Mark Okao, Uganda: $1.56 (UGX6,000)
  • Nobert Mukiibi, Uganda: $0.78 (UGX3,000)
  • Anonymous Contributor, Uganda: $0.78 (UGX3,000)
  • Shirley Ajok, Uganda: $2.08 (UGX8,000)
  • Mr. & Mrs. Tukamushaba, Uganda: $12.99 (UGX50,000)
  • Mr. & Mrs. Oboth, Uganda: $51.95 (UGX200,000)
  • Florence M. Nangobi, Uganda: $103.90 (UGX400,000)
  • Africa Hall Fellowship: Local Transportation
  • Total Contributions: $998.91
  • Total Outstanding: $901.09
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To request our direct deposit in,formation, or to set up recurring gifts in DCHRI's favor, please contact our Giving Office on +256-392-176504.

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