Events for Life

Joining or hosting an event to offer children a chance at living meaningful lives.

Join or Host an Event for Delight Children's

Events have the power to energize and inspire. Whether you attend a Children's-hosted event, including the Annual DCHRI Children's Charity Run, the Biennial Rwenzori Hike Tournament, or you host an event of your own, take action and help the children who need it most.

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Hosting Your Own Event

Hosting your own event with Delight Children's as the beneficiary may take several forms, including birthday parties, marathons, sports tournaments, dinners, fashion or music shows.

You may also contribute to a vulnerable child's surgery and recovery by signing up for our upcoming Rwenzori Hike in March or August, 2018. Please email our Giving Office at to reserve your slot. For more information on how you can host a fundraising event to benefit Delight Children's, please call our Giving Office on +256-392-176504 for guidance on how to get started.

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