Maternal Health

We support the most vulnerable pregnant and nursing mothers in rural Uganda to deliver healthy babies.

The DCHRI Maternal Health Program

The DCHRI Maternal Health Program supports pregnant mothers needs not only to promote proper infant growth, but also to maintain maternal health. The program provides antenatal and postnatal information on safe feeding, advocacy as well provision of basic maternal supplies required for safe delivery. The program also supports rural health facilities with healthcare professional capacity building and medical supplies that facilitate safe pregnancy and childbrith.

Child Health Advocacy

Health policy advocacy is critical in shaping how health systems deliver care to the vulnerable. We work with civil society and government agencies to ensure equity in health policy.

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Health Worker Training

Our health worker training programs build the capacity of professionals in rural facilities to deliver quality care to children. We welcome medical and non-medical volunteers from all over the world to share critical skills.

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Rural Clinic Support

This program delivers important medical and surgical supplies, equipment and infrastructure to rural health centers. The program also provides medical equipment hire purchase for private providers.

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For information on these programmatic interventions and how you can help, please call our information desk on +256-392-176504.