Medical Assistance

Delivering life-saving and corrective surgery to the most vulnerable kids in rural Uganda.

The DCHRI Infant Medical Assistance Program

The DCHRI Infant Medical Assistance Program covers several aspects of that affect or are incidental to the survival of children born with life-threatening medical conditions. Each year, we receive hundreds of requests from families with children who have been born or are expected to be born with congenital anomalies. Nearly 2 of every 100 children are born with some form of life-threatening disorder.

Medical Assistance Program Focus

At DCHRI, we dedicate a large part of our time and effort to find the resources and create the institutional partnerships necessary to deliver surgery and post surgery support to children, their families and entire communities so that these children can live meaningful lives. There are different components of this program through which we help.

Emergency Surgery

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Post-Surgery Support

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Caregiver Education

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Conditions We Focus On

Children are born with a wide range of congenital conditions with varying levels of severity. More often than not, our rural healthcare partners are unable to diagnose or treat any of the conditions, and only a small number of national referral health facilities are able to treat the common ones. At DCHRI, we focus on both the major and neglected congenital disorders to give all children an equal chance at life.

Congenital Heart Disease

This program provides access to life-saving cardiac surgery to children born with congenital heart disorders. The program also provides ongoing care and monitoring to ensure patients recover fully.

Neglected Disorders

Neglected Congenital Disorders (NCDs) occur in fewer children than major conditions, and are often overlooked in health systems planning. We assists infants with NCDs to access the care they need.

Childhood Diabetes

The diagnosis of diabetes in an infant is an extremely distressful event in any family. We support families with the information and tools they need to provide the best care to the affected infants.

For information these conditions, our prorammatic interventions and how you can help, please call our information desk on +256-392-176504.

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