Nutrition Support

Delivering nutrition support to the most vulnerable children and nursing mothers in rural Uganda.

The DCHRI Nutrition Support Program

The DCHRI Nutrition Program supports pregnant mothers' and children's unique nutrition needs not only to promote proper infant growth, but also to maintain health, especially following corrective or life-saving surgery. Just about all our children who receive surgery also need follow-up nutrition support to enhance the surgical recovery process. The program features several mutually integrated components.

Post-Surgery Nutrition

This compenent supports child patients returning from surgery and undergoing supervised recuperation.

Maternal Nutrition

Adequate nutrition during pregnancy and lactation is critical to proper fetal and infant development.

Food Supplementation

This component provides food supplementation targeting major nutrients for meals in rural schools. Read More

For information on these programmatic interventions and how you can help, please call our information desk on +256-392-176504.