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Institutional Partnerships

Delight values partnerships with institutions which fund our programs directly or healthcare institutions and independent professionals who accept to take in our young patients. Partnerships range from short term waivers of fees at healthcare facilities or one-time corporate gifts to ongoing medical fees waivers and recurring insittutional gifts

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Ways to Partner

Partnering with Delight may take one or more of several forms:

Employee Giving

Institutions can encourage their employees to accept small payroll deductions on a recurring or one-time basis. These gifts are critical in helping us to continue saving lives.

Medical Fees Waiver

Institutional partners in the healthcare industry have the opportunity to waive hospital bills when our kids receive care at their facilites.

Corporate Giving

We are always excited to receive one-time, recurring or matching gifts from our corporate partners. Please contact our Giving Office to get started.

You may also contribute to a vulnerable child's surgery and recovery by signing up for our upcoming Rwenzori Hike in March or August, 2018. Please email our Giving Office at to reserve your slot. For information on our other programmatic interventions, please call our information desk on +256-392-176504, or view our publications using the link below.

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