Food Supplemetation

Delight supports evidence-driven micronutrient supplementations of school food in Moroto Disrict.

School Food Supplementation in Moroto District

Based on evidence of an in-house study conducted in 3 subcounties in Moroto District, DCHRI established that there exists widespread acute micronutrient deficiency among school-age children under 10 years. Findings from this study informed the conception and implementation of DCHRI's school food supplementation program to enable learners achieve their full potential from receiving early childhood education.

DCHRI School Feeding Program

The project initially targeted Nadunget Primary School, Kaloi Primary School and Rupa Primary School. Phase two will target an additional 5 schools starting May (Term II), 2019 school year. For information on our other programmatic interventions, please call our information desk on +256-392-176504, or view our publications using the link below.

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