Donating your time and skills is an important way to support the work we do at Delight Children's.
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Volunteering at Delight Children's

There are many hands-on ways you can make an impact in children's lives. Donate your time and skills by letting your friends, family and colleagues know about Delight, create your own fundraising event, or volunteer at any of our events. The more that learn about the work that Delight is doing, the more children's lives will be saved.

You may also contribute to a vulnerable child's surgery and recovery by signing up for our upcoming Rwenzori Hike in March or August, 2019. Please email our Giving Office at giving@dchri.org to reserve your slot. For information on our other programmatic interventions, please call our information desk on +256-392-176504, or view our publications using the link below.

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