Mission & Vision

As one of only a few children's medical assistance initiatives in the East African Region, Delight Children's relies on the generosity of its donors and partners to make life-saving care accessible to every child who needs it.

Our History

Since its inception in 2010, Delight Children's Health Rights Initiative (DCHRI), we have been finding children diagnosed with congenital or acquired defects or conditions and giving them a chance to live meaningful lives. Delight Children's started as a repsonse to the acute shortage and in many instances, complete absennce of quality medical care for children with birth defects in the East African region.

Our Mission and Vision

There is both an inadequacy in facilities, funds, accurate information, as well as requisite expertise in the East African region to manage the vast majority of pediatric and congenital conditions afflicting infants and young children in rural areas.

Our programmatic interventions ensure that families rural healthcare facilities, medical profesionals and whole communities have the capacity to provide quality care to children diagnosed with congenital and acquired life-threatening conditions.

Our interventions are broadly categorized as follows:

Surgical Assistance

Nearly 2 in 100 babies are born with a life-threatening condition. We help these babies access surgical aid necessary for them to survive and thrive.

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Medical Training

Rural health workers play an important role in infant and maternal health. We provide rural health workers with specialized child-focused medical training.

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Community Support

Children who have received surgery need additional special care from families and communities. Delight supports child-centered health education.

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